Cadaver Intensive Course Dates Announced for 2017

These courses are the answer to how you can get started developing the three fundamental skills that make up the How’s of musculoskeletal medicine—Landmark identification, needle handling and hitting the target. Click here for course dates and details

Getting a CERTIFICATION—Not so fast and not so easy.

  I believe we all have an interest in having a credential that would give those of us who have studied and worked hard to become knowledgeable, skilled and competent in musculoskeletal medicine some credibility. There are however a few large barriers to getting this credential from the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).   The […]

Welcome to Prolotherapy: Getting to the Point!

Welcome from Tom, and Why I developed this course  Welcome to, and to the new course Prolotherapy: Getting to the Point! I have been putting on courses for years and noticed that large number of students  come to the courses to learn how to inject a joint or ligament but not why they were […]