Prolotherapy: Getting to the Point

With Dr. Thomas Ravin, M.D.

The most comprehensive course ever developed to learn the art and science of prolotherapy

Prolotherapy: Getting to the Point is the most comprehensive course ever developed for giving you the tools and tips to understand the steps to learning the science and art of diagnosing your patients, then guiding your needle to the precise point of treatment.

The course will teach you the fundamentals of being able to diagnose your patient’s pain or injury, and accurately and consistently put your needle on the painful or injured ligament, tendon, or other structures. This will be helpful to you, in that it will allow you to add another dimension to your practice of musculoskeletal medicine.

The power of getting to the point is that in many instances, you will be treating a very small area that’s been injured. Prolotherapy: Getting to the Point shows you how to consistently get your needle to the injured site—quickly, accurately, and effectively.

It is essential to gather these fundamental skills, which include the scientific background for how it works, the ability to take good histories, administer directed physical examinations, derive a good differential diagnosis, and identify and spot landmarks. All of these are techniques that you will learn throughout this course.

  • Photo of Tom in OfficeLigament and tendon anatomy.
  • History taking directed to relevant areas.
  • Physical examination including ligament evaluation and joint-function assessment.
  • Palpation of soft tissues and techniques for evaluating painful structures.
  • Landmark identification with or without additional imaging.
  • Getting to the point: guided instructions and animations showing you how to hit your target with precision.

The course is segmented into modules.  Each module is focused on a specific section of the body.  The first four modules: Prolotherapy Basics, The Shoulder, The Lumbar Spine, and The Hip and Pelvis may be completed in any order.  Each module encompasses approximately one hour of video, along with accompanying transmedia.

The modules are for physicians practicing orthopedic medicine, physiatrists, osteopathic manipulative medicine, pain management specialists, sports medicine practitioners, family medicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine, and for all physicians who are interested in learning and developing musculoskeletal medicine skills to add to their practice.

Designed For:

-> Physiatrists
-> Pain Management Physicians
-> Sports Medicine Physicians
-> Orthopedic Medicine Physicians
-> Family Practice Physicians
-> Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Physicians
-> Physicians Who Want To Expand Their Practices

Prolotherapy Course Modules:

-> Prolotherapy Basics
-> Prolotherapy for the Shoulder
-> Prolotherapy for the Lumbar Spine
-> Prolotherapy for the Hip and Pelvis 

Diagnose Specific Site(s) Of Pain:

-> Ligament laxity
-> Joint Dysfunctions
-> Tendinosis
-> Muscle Spasm
-> Scars

Thomas Ravin, M.D.

Photo of Tom in OfficeDr. Thomas Ravin, M.D. has been a practicing prolotherapist for nearly 30 years, and has been teaching prolotherapy to medical professionals since the early 1990’s.

Dr. Ravin has trained hundreds of professionals, using the experience he has gained from successfully treating thousands of patients.

Dr. Ravin’s text, Principles of Prolotherapy, written with Dr. Mark S. Cantieri, D.O. and Dr. George J. Pasquarello, D.O., is a best-seller, and is widely considered to be the most comprehensive text covering all aspects of prolotherapy.


CME Credits Available

Prolotherapy: Getting to the Point is a certificate level course.

Assessments will be given for each module. Successfully completing the assessments will provide you with a certificate of completion, and if you elect, Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, sanctioned by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education through the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine – Click Here to View Their Website.

Successful completion of the four modules enables you to participate in—and complete—on-site cadaver courses with Dr. Ravin and other expert prolotherapists.


Principles of Prolotherapy Textbook: Testamonials


WOW! You have written a concise and medically smart text. What an incredible effort you put forth to bring the best kept secret in pain medicine to the medical community at-large. Your cut-to-the-chase approach will assist any interested student of the game from beginner to advanced clinician.

Brad Sandler, DO

I have been practicing the concept of Prolotherapy for almost 20 years. For the last 5 or so years, I really thought I was getting it. Ravin, Cantieri, and Pasquarello; however, have opened the door wide and shown us the way. This is the definitive guide not only to injection techniques; but, also to the anatomic, pharmaceutical, biomechanical and manipulative aspects of Prolotherapy and Orthopaedic medicine. The illustrations alone are incredibly useful. I know of no comparable volume in any area of medicine.

Rich Bachrach, DO